News – Aviation

October 22, 2009

FAA Issues Policy Statement On Noise Standard For Civil Supersonic Aircraft

October 22, 2009

Northwest Airlines Flight Overflies MSP: Asleep At The Stick?

October 20, 2009

FAA Publishes Correction To Final Rule On Pilot, Flight Instructor, And Pilot School Certification

October 20, 2009

DOT OIG Announces Audit Of Commercial Aviation Accidents, Pilot Experience, And Pilot Compensation

October 16, 2009

DOT Publishes Guidance Regarding Passenger Reimbursement For Lost, Damaged Or Delayed Baggage

October 15, 2009

Aircraft Logbook Entry Creates Question Of Fact Regarding Replacement Part Under GARA

October 9, 2009

FAA Issues Revised Policy On “Fifty One Percent Rule”

October 7, 2009

FAA Issues Revocation Order Following L-29 Crash

October 1, 2009

The FSS Weather Briefing: How Much Information Is Enough?