News – Aviation

November 9, 2009

NTSB Affirms Suspension Of Mechanic’s Certificate For Improper Repairs

November 6, 2009

DOT OIG Concludes That FAA Still Needs To Take Measures To Secure ATC System Security

November 3, 2009

FAA Issues New DUI/DWI Policy

November 2, 2009

GAO Issues Report On Safety Effects Of Modifying the Age Standard For Commercial Pilots

October 29, 2009

NTSB Affirms ALJ’s Credibility Determinations Following Remand From 9th Circuit Court OF Appeals

October 27, 2009

11th Circuit Affirms Use Of Forum Non Conveniens In Montreal Convention Case

October 23, 2009

Estate Of Arkansas Employee Killed In Aircraft Accident Allowed To Sue Pilot/Fellow Employee

October 22, 2009

FAA Issues Policy Statement On Noise Standard For Civil Supersonic Aircraft

October 22, 2009

Northwest Airlines Flight Overflies MSP: Asleep At The Stick?