News – Aviation

December 19, 2007

DOT Issues Air Charter Notice In Anticipation Of Bowl Games

December 18, 2007

Operation Safe Pilot Obtains Another Conviction

December 15, 2007

DOT OIG Announces Audit Of Users Of ATC System

December 14, 2007

Airline Pilot Mandatory Retirement Age Raised To 65

December 13, 2007

4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Reverses District Court Ruling That Maintenance Manual Was

December 11, 2007

FAA Safety Manager Pleads Guilty To False Statement On FAA Application

December 11, 2007

China To Ratify Cape Town Convention On Aircraft Financing

December 10, 2007

New Medical Examiner Order Effective

December 5, 2007

FAA Publishes Final Rule Amending Its Rules Of Practice In FAA Civil Penalty Actions