News – Aviation

March 1, 2005

Lighters No Longer Allowed

February 28, 2005

Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data Recorder NPRM Published Today

February 28, 2005

Student Pilot Convicted For Falsifying Application for Student Pilot License and Airman Medical Certificate

February 25, 2005

FAA Proposes Upgrades To Cockpit Voice Recorders And Flight Data Recorders

February 24, 2005

FAA Amends Rules For Civil Penalty Actions And Appeal Of EAJA Fee Request Decisions

February 23, 2005

Bill To Extend Bonus Depreciation For Two Years Introduced

February 22, 2005

Aviation Law Discussions Is Back On-Line

January 21, 2005

FAA Extends Comment Period For Repair Station Training Program AC

January 13, 2005

FAA Issues Laser Illumination Advisory Circular