News – Aviation

December 11, 2009

FAA Maintains Percentage Rates For Random Drug And Alcohol Testing Of Safety-Sensitive Employees

December 1, 2009

Equity Will Not Save An Airman From Dismissal Of A Late-Filed Appeal

November 18, 2009

DOT Inspector General Posts Redacted Version Of Report On Aircraft Repair Station Security

November 18, 2009

TSA Publishes Proposed Aircraft Repair Station Security Rule

November 16, 2009

DOT Increases Montreal Convention Liability Limits

November 11, 2009

FAA Releases Portable Electronic Device Fact Sheet

November 10, 2009

How Not To Conduct A Demonstration Flight Under FAR 91.501(b)

November 9, 2009

NTSB Affirms Suspension Of Mechanic’s Certificate For Improper Repairs

November 6, 2009

DOT OIG Concludes That FAA Still Needs To Take Measures To Secure ATC System Security