News – Aviation

September 28, 2004

FAA Extends NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption

September 27, 2004

ATC’s Failure To Provide Notice Of Deviation Can Result In Sanction Waiver

September 21, 2004

Tips For Renting Your Airman Operating Aircraft After Revocation Of Airman Certificate Subject To Civil Penalty

September 20, 2004

FAA Publishes Interim Final Rule On Alien Flight Training

September 17, 2004

FAA Extends Comment Period For Proposed Modifications To The Airport Improvement Program’s Grant Assurances

September 2, 2004

IBAC To Propose International Regulation Of Fractional Operations

September 1, 2004

TSA To Test “Secure Flight” Passenger Screening Program

August 30, 2004

FAA Order 8110.4C, Type Certification, Revisions Proposed

August 27, 2004

FAA Proposes Revisions to Order 8110.42, Parts Manufacturer Approval Procedures