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The Pre-Flight Brief

Devoted to aviation law, safety and security.

January 6, 2005

NTSB Affirms Pilot’s Duty To Inspect Aircraft Logbooks Following Maintenance To Ensure Proper Entries Are Made To Return The Aircraft To Service

January 4, 2005

NTSB Board Reverses ALJ’s Modification of Sanction And Reaffirms Deference To Be Given To FAA’s Choice Of Sanction

January 3, 2005

Final Rules Implementing Cape Town Treaty Published

December 30, 2004

NTSB Issues Icing Alert To Pilots

December 29, 2004

Reporting Alcohol Related Driving Offenses To The FAA

December 28, 2004

NTSB Proposes Revisions To Accident/Incident Reporting Requirements Of Part 830

December 27, 2004

DOT Authorized To Continue To Provide Insurance To U.S. Flag Commerial Carriers

December 22, 2004

Proposed Advisory Circular For Part 145 Repair Station Training Published

December 21, 2004

New European Union Insurance Requirements To Take Effect

December 18, 2004

New FAA Website Addresses Safety For Children Flying On Airplanes

December 17, 2004

Florida Hurricanes No Excuse For Untimely Appeal To NTSB Board

December 17, 2004

FAA Proposes New Advisory Circular Regarding Aircraft Marking And Identification

December 16, 2004

Airport Closures No Easy Sell

December 15, 2004

RVSM Equipment Suffix Available For Flight Plan Filing After January 5, 2004

December 14, 2004

FAA Proposes Regulations For Certificate Disqualification After Alcohol Test Failures And Refusals

December 9, 2004

Dismissal Of FAA Charges After Hearing Does Not Guarantee Award Of Attorney Fees Under EAJA

December 8, 2004

A Single Instance Of Substance Abuse Can Be Disqualifying For Medical Certification

December 7, 2004

Chicago Responds To FAA Investigation Into Use Of Airport Revenues For Closure Of Meigs Field

December 6, 2004

Untimely Filing of Appeal Continues To Result In Dismissal by NTSB

December 3, 2004

FSDO’s Authorized To Issue Student Pilot Certificates To Light Sport Aircraft Applicants

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