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The Pre-Flight Brief

Devoted to aviation law, safety and security.

June 23, 2005

What Do You Mean It Wasn’t A Real Checkride?

June 22, 2005

When Must You Report An Aircraft Accident Or Incident

June 21, 2005

Proposed AC 23-25 Available For Comments

June 20, 2005

Use Of FAA Approved Computerized Flight/Duty Time Tracking Program Does Not Guarantee Compliance

June 16, 2005

FAA Publishes List Of NDB Approaches For Cancellation

June 14, 2005

FAA Issues Guidance On Part 135 Operational Control Responsibilities

June 13, 2005

NTSB Board Critical Of FAA’s Service Procedures In Enforcement Actions

June 10, 2005

What Do You Do With Your Airline Ticket When The Airline Ceases Operation?

June 9, 2005

Former America West Pilots Found Guilty Of Operating Aircraft While Intoxicated

June 7, 2005

IRS To Publish Guidance For Taking Deductions For Entertainment Use Of Business Aircraft

June 6, 2005

WI Court Of Appeals Affirms Dismissal Of Deep Vein Thrombosis Claim

June 6, 2005

NTSB Board Dismisses Airman’s Untimely Appeal Of Emergency Revocation Order

June 3, 2005

Revised APIS Rules Require Reporting Of Both Arrivals And Departures

May 27, 2005

Aircraft Co-Ownership: Making The Relationship Work

May 25, 2005

Effectiveness Of DC ADIZ Visual Warning System Limited By Clouds

May 24, 2005

Trial Begins For America West Pilots Accused Of Operating Aircraft While Intoxicated

May 23, 2005

Another Stupid Pilot Trick

May 19, 2005

D.C. ADIZ Visual Warning System Goes Into Effect Saturday

May 19, 2005

10th Circuit Affirms Bad Faith Claim Against Aircraft Insurer For Failure To Pay For Lightning Strike Damages

May 18, 2005

What Is A Security Violation Worth?

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